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309724_10150277028587245_6508111_nBelow are photos, videos, acknowledgements and references from all of my volunteering. I highly recommend checking out the Guelph Orientation Pep Rally videos. They are very entertaining!



Hello UoGAs – a huge thank you to all ambassadors who participated during the high school March Break (Mar 12-16) and Campus Day this past Sun. Mar 25th. Your help is very much appreciated. From the ambassadors who gave directions, to those who showed their residence rooms to those who gave tours for one or both events, your roles are very important and very much needed. This past Sunday, we had over 2,000 visitors to the campus and from comments we heard, it was a very successful day.

Email – March 27th 2012
Marisa Phillips
Admission Services
University Of Guelph

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Source: thecannon.ca via University of Guelph Alumni on Pinterest

– Photo on the front page of The Cannon


Thank You Letter President


OV Reference letter




Jenn, Emily, Myself and Ralitza at Guelph Stadium during the 2011 Pep Rally

Jenn, Emily, Myself and Ralitza at Guelph Stadium during the 2011 Pep Rally


To everyone who helped with O-week and move-in

Thank you to everyone who made move-in and O-week such a success this year.

Despite the vagaries of the weather, it was another fantastic start to the semester and a great deal of the credit goes to the orientation volunteers, residence assistants, the O-team and the residence life staff for all the planning and the support of the activities on campus.

I know that you know the first experiences at Guelph and the first few days are critical to the spirit that develops here. Thank you for your time and energy in making the whole move-in and orientation process so success.

Through the diversity of the programming available you really did create a beginning of “endless possibilities” and the year is off to a flying start.

Thank you for caring. Thank you for taking the time. Thank you for making Guelph a very special place.

It is your efforts that make the University such a great place.

Email – September 30th 2011
Alastair Sumerlee
President & Vice-Chancellor
University of Guelph


Student Affairs


Hello wonderful OGLs!

Your days of answering emails and posting on START are almost at an end, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for a fantastic summer!!

We got off to a bit of a slow start, but STARTonline.ca quickly picked up, and in the end we had over 2600 members (that’s more than our Facebook group)! And it’s all thanks to YOU!! So give yourselves a round of applause – you were simply amazing!

Email – September 1st 2011
Allison Wilkin
Centre for New Students
University of Guelph



Before I left to participate in Ride for Heart.

Before I left to participate in Ride for Heart.

Meal Exchange


Hi David,

The results are in, and thanks to you, Trick or Eat 2008 was an overwhelming success.

The number of people that supported the campaign, the pounds of food that were raised and the value of the money raised online tell just a part of what happens on Hallowe’en night. The full scope of Trick or Eat is measured in the experiences of everyone who went up to a door and asked for a food donation, the homeowners who ran down the street to give one more item from their cupboards and the children who asked the ‘big kids’ what they were doing. One Trick or Eat participant was standing on the sidewalk with her grocery cart full of food, the rest of her team was visiting another house. As she stood there, a boy around 10 years old came up and asked what she was doing. She explained that she was trick or treating, but instead of candy she was asking for donations for the food bank. Without a word the boy upended his bag of candy into her cart and walked away. This is just one of the many stories from Trick or Eat that illustrate the generosity that exists in our communities.

Thank you for your time. It is your generosity David that makes me believe that hunger can be eliminated.

On behalf of all the people and volunteers who organized the campaigns around the world, thank you for making Trick or Eat 2008 a success.

E-mail – November 11th 2008
Dave Kranenburg
Executive Director
Meal Exchange


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