School Work Examples

degree Below are samples of my academic work while I attended the University of Guelph. This includes my ethics paper that was selected as one of the three best papers out of a class of 200+ students.

PHIL*2600 – Business Ethics

Dear David:

Your Case Study Paper “Advocating Against Wrongful Malt Marketing” is one of the three best papers in the whole class. Congratulations! I am going to put the three best papers on courselink for the whole class to see. So if you agree, please send me your paper as email attachment (Word) to me as soon as possible. Thanks!

Jing Long

-E-Mail on April 5th 2010 from Professor.

Advocating Against Wrongful Malt Marketing

MCS*4400 – Pricing Management

Price Unbundling in the Airline Industry

MCS*4300 – Marketing & Society

Opinion Article on Misleading Food Labels

MCS*4040 – Mgmt In Product Development

Business Plan Sample


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