Changing Bad Habits

January 2016 is already off to a flying start and I’m getting back into the swing of things from the Holidays. I wanted to make January all about me, so as part of my “embracing change” New Year’s resolutions I want to see if I can start making some changes in my daily habits. Specifically the habits I’m not too fond of.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit so I’m trying to implement the following changes in my life for 21 days to hopefully make them permanent for the rest of the year. Currently on day 7!

  • Wake Up at 6:00 am every weekday and 8:00 am weekends.
    • I started doing this in November once I started going back to the gym, so keeping this one plugging along.
  • Make my bed every morning after waking up.
    • I admittedly rarely made my bed last year, which caused my room to look messy. I find I have a much better attitude coming home to a cleaner room and I sleep better getting under the covers of a made bed.
  • Hit the gym every morning during the week.
    • As I mentioned before I started doing this back in November. For me I don’t care if I do some weight training or if I just walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes. I just want the habit to stick of getting up in the morning and going.
  • Put tomorrow’s gym clothes in my gym bag immediately after getting home from work.
  • Put my keys / wallet / winter accessories in the same spot every day immediately after getting home from work.
    • It’s amazing how many times last year I desperately searched for these the next morning when it shouldn’t be that hard…
  • STOP using my laptop in bed before I go to sleep.
    • I think this is the biggest one that I want to change from last year. The bright screen from my mac would keep me up much more than originally intended a lot last year. I don’t keep my laptop in my room at all anymore.

Combine all this with my continued use of meal prepping on Sunday’s and budgeting money in spreadsheets to keep track of my finances I’ve got what I feel is a positive and healthy life style I’m working towards.

Let’s hope I can keep it up for 21 days and ideally the rest of the year.


About Dave

I'm a 26 year old marketing enthusiast from Ontario, Canada. I graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce, and I'm currently a media buyer / planner for a marketing firm in downtown Toronto. Some of my interests include marketing, blogging, photography, travelling, coin collecting and reality TV. Also, I'm an avid Blue Jays fan. You'll find me catching a game whenever I can.
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