BlogTop Week 8: Advice

blogtops“BlogTops” are weekly blog posts that myself, my good friend Fei, and hopefully you will join us in discussing topics that we feel the majority of millennials are dealing with or have dealt with in their lives. To keep it creative we pick one specific word for the weekly topic and then we are letting our imagination and creative writing take our blogs in whatever direction we so choose. It could be anything from generalizing the topic, to specific memories, to something serious, or funny. It’s anything goes! If you want to join along tag your posts with BlogTop on Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. and we will be sure to promote your blogs on social media!

This weeks blog topic is ADVICE

Yes, this week Fei and I will be acting as advice columnists. We’ve received a few questions from fellow millennial readers across the United States so here goes!

Dear Fei and Dave,

It’s nearing the end of the semester and I have NO motivation! I’m so checked out of school! How can I stay focused?”

– Kirin, 20 from GA

Dear Kirin,

It’s quite easy to get burnt out towards the end of a semester. From dealing with studying, essays, assignments, a social life, extracurricular activities, work for some… it’s no surprise students just want a break! Unfortunately, now is the time the big assignments are starting to be due. From my experience essays worth 25-50% of your grade and presentations worth the same were all due in the next few weeks. So really it’s now more than ever you need to be on the ball and focusing on school work.

My biggest advice on how to stay focused?


Yes lists! I love lists and use them all the time in my personal life. My advice is to write everything you have to do in a list format in a journal or notebook. Writing everything you have to do in a journal causes a few beneficial effects. Not only will it keep your life organized, it can be used as a way to create goals, appreciate accomplishments, improve focus and even lower your anxiety of what needs to get done. Think you have a million and one things to do in the next few weeks? Your list will prove that thought process wrong.

Feel free to break up huge projects like final papers into sections on your list. So, one bullet point can be ‘research articles’, then ‘write introduction’, etc. That way huge projects aren’t so overwhelming.

Make sure to cross things out once you’ve finished. I personally get such an accomplished feeling and an increase in self esteem when I’m able to cross or check something off a list and it excites me to want to finish the rest.

Dear Fei and Dave,

I need some tips on how to keep my home clean and organized.”

– Meagan, 26 from MN

Dear Meagan,

I’m actually probably in the same boat as you for needing tips to stay clean and organized. I’m the type of person that gets random spurts of ‘I feel like cleaning today!’. This usually happens once a month if I’m lucky. My old roommates can testify that my room was never the cleanest place in the house.

Still, I’ve done a little research and picked my favourite organization and cleaning tip to share.


Apartment Therapy’s idea to create a landing strip for when you get home is a great way to keep your most important possessions in one place. Have you ever practically destroyed your place because you couldn’t find your wallet or keys and you were running late? I’m so guilty of that. Having a specific area when you first walk into your home where you place all your important items for the next day will erase that potential incoming hurricane. It will also avoid the frustration associated with trying to find said items.


SimpleProductivity Blog’s idea of creating cleaning zones is a way to break down all your cleaning tasks that don’t make it seem so overwhelming. Zone off your home into different sections (depending on the size of your home) and every week simply focus on cleaning that zone. Getting yourself into a routine of tackling each zone say, every Sunday afternoon, can get you on the ball for staying on top of cleaning. You can add some music to help motivate you to get it done too.

Dear Fei and Dave,

How do I handle the stress that comes with being broke?”

– Bill, 25 from IL

Dear Bill,

It’s no surprise that financial issues can cause a lot of anxiety, stress and apparently even health problems. My advice for this would be the same tips I’ve stated during the Week 5 Money BlogTop.

To reiterate from that blog…

  • Record your expenses. You could find ways to save some extra cash by avoiding unneeded purchases .
  • Budget your money. It’ll help stop any potential unwarranted overspending.
  • Create and continuously deposit money into a savings account. Every little bit counts.
  • Have an emergency fund for unexpected costs. This will be difficult when you already don’t have much cash to spare, but still something to look into when you do.
  • Enjoy the money you do have. If you don’t have a lot spend, do spend the money you have on responsible purchases that you’ll get the most out of.

Dear Fei and Dave,

How do I know if I love someone of if it’s just lust?

– Bryan, 25 from IN

Dear Bryan,

In the spur of the moment it’s hard to determine if your feelings are love or lust when it comes to the person you’re currently interacting with or thinking about. Diffen has a good comparison chart between what love and lust is. The most notable differences I feel comes from the definitions they provided.


A decision to commit oneself to another and to work through conflicts instead of giving up.


Any intense desire or craving for gratification; when contrasted with love, lust usually means sexual desire.

Lust is a short term feeling, while love is a long lasting emotion.

Dear Fei and Dave,

I just turned 25 and I feel conflicted. I feel young at heart, but I don’t want to resist the transition into actual adulthood. How do I know when I am ready? I like being young, crazy, and single. But I also like the idea of marriage, starting a family, buying a home, and all of that. I’m afraid I will regret moving too fast. Is anyone ever “ready?”

– Stephen, 25 from CA

Dear Stephen,

This is the most difficult question because I truly don’t have an answer to it. This is something all millennial’s can relate with because at some point in time everyone has to turn into an adult of some form. In my personal opinion I don’t think one is ever truly “ready” to transition into adulthood. You don’t randomly wake up and say: ‘I’m an adult today!’.

I think becoming an adult is an ongoing process of taking on more and more responsibilities and dealing with realities of life. Both the negative and positive ones. There is no set age for this. Some people are forced to grow up early in life, while others have the luxury to never grow up if they so choose.

It’s also a mindset. I’m sure you can find adults in their thirties or forties who’ll tell you they still don’t ‘feel’ like an adult even though they own a home, have a career and a family. Just like I’m sure you can find teenagers who do feel like one based on their personal life experiences.

The most important thing to remember is just because you’re a millennial it doesn’t mean you’re not an adult already. Even if you don’t have an ‘adult’ mindset you still have adult responsibilities. You have your job, you pay your bills and for some you’re living on your own, etc. It’s also important to remember that just because you’re an adult it doesn’t mean you can’t have a ‘young’ mindset. You can still play video games, watch a Disney movie if you so feel like it and just have fun with life. It’s just about maintaining the balance between responsible decision making and getting enjoyment out of the activities that make you personally happy.

I hope this advice helps. For any other readers out there if you have any advice you’re currently seeking, or want to add your own advice to some of these questions ask feel free to comment below! Till next week.


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I'm a 26 year old marketing enthusiast from Ontario, Canada. I graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce, and I'm currently a media buyer / planner for a marketing firm in downtown Toronto. Some of my interests include marketing, blogging, photography, travelling, coin collecting and reality TV. Also, I'm an avid Blue Jays fan. You'll find me catching a game whenever I can.
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