BlogTop Week 7: Caffeine

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This weeks blog topic is CAFFEINE

In a very special edition of BlogTop’s I will be debating my position on the great coffee vs. diet pop debate. I thought Fei and I were clever making this up for this blog post, but apparently it’s actually already a pretty big thing. So, while I’d love to say we were the pioneers in this soon to be epic debate. We aren’t. We will just be adding our two cents on this discussion!

1361235259370To start off I wouldn’t call myself a caffeine addict. I don’t need it to get going every morning (Or maybe I’m just in denial and this is one of those “I can stop anytime!” statements). Regardless of needing caffeine or not, it just so happens that coffee is free everyday at the office. I’m not going to say no to freshly brewed coffee in the morning! Obviously this means I’m going to be going up to bat for #TeamCoffee and will explain to you why it’s a better choice for your caffeine needs over diet pop.

To note I drink coffee black. I’ve always liked the taste of coffee and I’ve never had the urge to add cream / milk / sugar to my coffee.


coffee-blackCoffee gives you more caffeine for your buck to keep you going. The amount of caffeine is dependant on the type of coffee you are drinking. For example, the two largest cultivated type of coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta.

Based on this site you’ll find this much caffeine in your cup of coffee:
•Drip Brewed Arabica Coffee (6 oz) – 80-130 mg (often around 110 mg)
•Drip Brewed Robusta Coffee (6 oz) – 140-200 mg

Compare this to a diet Coke or diet Pepsi?
•Diet Coke – 30.4 mg
•Diet Pepsi – 36 mg

That’s a clear win for coffee. Though it’s important to note that for most healthy adults 200-300mg of caffeine per day is acceptable for health.


Let’s look at the ingredients list, something I advised you to do from the Week 4 Health Blogtop.


Coffee beans, water

Diet Coke

Carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate (to protect taste), natural flavors, citric acid, caffeine.Diet-Coke-Ingredients

I know what coffee beans and water are. I can not tell you what phosphoric acid or potassium benzoate is. Can’t tell you how nutritional ‘caramel color’ is and I certainly don’t know what’s considered a ‘natural flavor’. When you don’t know what ingredients are… there’s a good chance they probably aren’t healthy for you. Let’s examine these ingredients a little closer.

  • Phosphoric Acid. Drinking too much soda can lead to kidney damage due to too much phosphorus in the body.
  • Potassium Benzoate.When you combine heat and light to potassium benzoate and vitamin C it could produce benzene. Benzne is known to cause cancer.
  • Caramel Color. Acts as an emulsifying agent. A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association found caramel color raises blood pressure.
  • Natural Flavor. From the American Code of Federal Regulation the definition of natural flavorings & flavors is:

    The term natural flavor or natural flavoring means the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional.

    So… what I got from that is that ‘natural flavor’ could still be anything. For all you know you could be drinking crushed beetles. You are whenever you’re eating yogurt with red in it. How about some beaver anal gland juice? Yeah… it’s all natural, that’s for sure and found in foods we eat today.

I vote coffee for being a safer choice to drink based on what you’re actually putting into your body.

Health Effects


According to Mayo Clinic:
Negative Effects

  • High consumption of unfiltered coffee is associated with mild elevations in cholesterol levels.
  • Two or more cups of coffee a day can increase the risk of heart disease in people with a specific — and fairly common — genetic mutation

Positive Effects

  • Protecting against Parkinson’s disease
  • Protecting against type 2 diabetes
  • Protecting against liver cancer
  • High content of antioxidants

Diet Coke
According to MSN Healthy Living:
Negative Effects

  • Kidney Problems
  • Messed-Up Metabolism
  • Obesity
  • A Terrible Hangover
  • Cell Damage
  • Rotting Teeth
  • Reproductive Issues

Then also include any of negative effects that I mentioned in the Ingredients section of this blog.

Positive Effects

  • Based on my research on the internet… I got nothing. I couldn’t find any health benefits from drinking diet pop.

You need to be careful with how much coffee you drink, but it has some health benefits at least.


Based on the amount of caffeine you get out of coffee, the lack of confusing ingredients and the health benefits that can arise from coffee I believe that coffee is the better caffeine beverage you should be going for. Check out Fei’s blog for why you should(n’t) drink diet pop!

About Dave

I'm a 26 year old marketing enthusiast from Ontario, Canada. I graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce, and I'm currently a media buyer / planner for a marketing firm in downtown Toronto. Some of my interests include marketing, blogging, photography, travelling, coin collecting and reality TV. Also, I'm an avid Blue Jays fan. You'll find me catching a game whenever I can.
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7 Responses to BlogTop Week 7: Caffeine

  1. christine says:

    While I agree, coffee is better than soda, this is a little troubling: “When you don’t know what ingredients are… there’s a good chance they probably aren’t healthy for you.” I’m tired of the trope that unpronounceable chemicals are dangerous and harmful. Everything in life is made of chemicals. Yes, coffee is coffee + water, but what exactly is coffee? It contains acrylamide, another chemical and chemically-sounding word. More scary sounding things in coffee: polyphenols, diterpenes, etc.

  2. Dave says:

    That’s a very good point about chemicals and ingredients. It’d be better if I said if you don’t know what an ingredient is you should do some research to determine if it’s harmful or not!

  3. Kirin says:

    I agree with you, I’m #TeamCoffee for sure! Last week I decided to see how long I could go without it, and I only lasted 3 and a half days! This post made me feel better about my daily coffee-drinking, so thank you!!

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  5. Gwyn says:

    And don’t forget that drinking coffee is correlated with decreased rates of suicide among adults.

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