Nintendo Piranha Plant Cookies

20130914_193657For part two of my Nintendo deserts I made for my brother’s bachelor party I’m going to focus on the Piranha Plant! I made them out of sugar cookies completed in a ‘pipe’ filled with brownies, Oreo cookie bits and chocolate frosting! The Piranha Plant made it’s first appearance in 1985 in Super Mario Bros, and has been a staple in the series ever since.


DSC_0724To start off this project I purchased clay pots of different heights from Michael’s and painted them green with non-toxic paint. The size of the pots really don’t matter, I just wanted to add some dimension when it came to the height. Tip: It’s probably obvious but make sure to use newspaper to avoid messes while paining anything! Once I had the ‘pipes’ ready to go it was time to move onto the baking.


DSC_0733For my sugar cookies I actually used an old homemade sugar cookie recipe that was created using a typewriter. If that’s not a hint to how old this recipe is, well it’s old. I unfortunately am not home right now to type it up, but really you can use any sugar cookie recipe online. Here and here are some good examples of what you can use!

DSC_0736Once you have your dough you need to chill it for at least an hour, though it is recommended you chill it overnight. From there you roll our your dough and I used a circular cookie cutter and a clean knife to cut out a wedge from each circle. It makes it look like Pac-Man. I then stuck sticks into the dough. Note: Make sure to do this step before baking. I was silly and forgot to do this the first time I baked these cookies. Needless to say the cookies become too hard for the sticks, and I had to make a second batch.


DSC_0765Using red and white icing I then decorated the cookies. Start off with a red base covering the entire cookie. For the white icing, there’s no real art to it, just make sure you don’t forget the white outline of the mouth! Different sized circles are certainly approved for the Piranha Plant. Also, I used an edible marker to paint all the sticks green to give it a stem like appearance.

DSC_0747With the cookies all ready to go, you need to find a way to get them to stand up straight in the ‘pipe’. The best approach I found to this was to create a brownie base. Not only is it the right texture for the sticks to stand up, they are also edible. Even better, by layering the top with Oreo cookie crumbs it gives it even more realistic appearance of a Mario pipe. For the final touch I added spearmint leaves to resemble the plant’s leaves… and here is the final product!



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3 Responses to Nintendo Piranha Plant Cookies

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Great work! It’s so cute!

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