Buckhorn Camping

559688_10201715942759635_572182226_nI wish every Monday off could have been like yesterday. The perfect weather with just the right amount of relaxation combined with getting ready to get back to work. I returned home yesterday morning after a very scenic drive home from my camping trip up north. My friends and I went up to Buckhorn, Ontario and stayed at Woodland Camp Sites for the whole long weekend. I’ve got enough to talk about from this camping adventure that this entire week my blog will focus on it!

Before I begin I need to mention this past weekend was The Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival, and while I was unable to attend my friends managed to check it out! As agreed in our Bucket List rules as long as a few of us are able to attend we can check it off the Summer Toronto Bucket List. So check! Apparently it was a lot of fun, it looks like it was too!

Photo Credit: Ralitza

Camping stories time!


After work Friday I headed home to pack and get ready to make the drive to the campsite. I found this rather funny, but after posting about how I over pack all the time I certainty forgot a lot of things this camping trip. I forgot the fly of my tent, forgot my air mattress and pillow, forgot all my camera equipment I wanted to bring (brought the camera at least), didn’t bring any food for the Friday night so skipped dinner and the list goes on. It all worked out though at least except my body is still a little sore from sleeping on the ground all weekend!

The unfortunate part about Friday night was the huge rain storm. It was pouring as I drove, which made navigating a little problematic once it became dark. I didn’t get lost finding the campsite, I got lost in the campsite trying to find Kevin, Amanda and Drung. I’m pretty sure I woke a few people up with my lights, and drove through a number of people’s RV sites that I shouldn’t have. My apologizes! Managed to find our site though.

The rest of Friday night the four of us just played card games in Kevin’s tent as it rained and we waited for Alexey and Masha to arrive. By the time they did arrive the rain had stopped and I was able to set up my tent.


Saturday we got up, had breakfast of oatmeal, eggs and toast and headed into down to purchase food for the rest of the weekend. We certainly were not going to go hungry on this trip! Fruits, vegetables, breads, snacks, meat… you name it we probably bought it. Must admit I was really spoiled this trip with food!

564314_10201715954559930_853298023_nWe decided that Saturday we would just hang around the campsite. We did a little exploring of the area and walked around the entire campgrounds. Alexey, Drung, Kevin and Masha played some tennis at the courts while Amanda and I got some reading done. Finally had some time to just sit and read Game of Thrones! Slowly making my way though A Song of Fire and Ice.

For dinner Alexey had prepared shish kebab’s from home with meat that had been marinating for over 24 hours. So, while he got them prepared on skewers Amanda and Masha set off to work to get the fire started. I’m pretty sure Amanda enjoyed cutting logs to show off her biceps. We let the fire burn down into embers to not burn the shish kebabs so after about an hour we placed them on the grill.

999845_10201715958720034_849261452_n Also threw some baked potatos wrapped in aluminum foil into the fire as well. Alexey, and then later myself became in charge of flipping the kebabs. It never fails though that whenever you are near a fire the wind decides to blow smoke into your face. Happened every time.

1005788_10201715961040092_157639168_n I can tell you they were so so so good! There’s something about food being cooked over an open fire that makes it so delicious. As the night went on we moved onto dessert, which is probably the #1 thing I was looking forward to this trip. S’mores! They are such a guilty pleasure of mine, but I only have them when I go camping. They are just so good.

The rest of the night we just sat around the campfire and talked. This trip we deemed (or at least I did) the campfire to be the “Circle of Trust” and we also played a game where you had a red card and a black card. Someone would throw out a situation with each option being a card and everyone else had to guess what that person would do. These cards were then deemed “The Cards of Honesty”. It was pretty fun, and it got hilarious towards the end.


1005664_10201716455372450_1686675892_nSunday is going to be the focus of tomorrow and Thursdays posts but we headed to Petroglyphs Provincial Park to do some hiking and to learn about aboriginal rock carvings. It was pretty awesome.

We then stopped for ice cream for a post-hike reward, and hit Sandy Lake Beach for some swimming and sun tanning. It was pretty windy at the beach so only Alexey and I braved the waters to go swimming. The water was actually pretty warm, it was just getting out into the cold wind which was the issue!

561819_10201716457932514_317887442_nDinner that night was salad and Drung made us jambalaya, which was so good! Really easy to make too. We also made cinnamon buns over the campfire as well with a bit of a twist. Instead of just throwing the cinnamon buns on, we scooped out the insides of grapefruits and placed the dough in the skins. It stopped them from burning and also gave them a citrus flavour too!

We again finished off the night talking and playing games around the campfire. I think I could spend hours just staring at a fire. It’s very calming and relaxing for me.


BQ6NCxACYAAjAxv Monday we all got up early and said our goodbyes. This is the last time I’m going to see Amanda in a while since she’s moving to BC next week, so that was sad. Also, unfortunately for me there was a causality on this trip. My pair of red sunnies. My second pair of red sunnies to be exact. The annoying this was I didn’t even wear them on this trip. They just happened to get crushed in my back seat from all my bags. So that was sad. RIP sunnies.

However, I headed to The Bay and not only did I buy a new pair of red sunnies (Red sunnies #3), but I also bought a white pair… and an Olympic sweater… and a hat. Whoops. The clothing was all on sale though! Couldn’t say no. After that I spent the rest of my Monday just relaxing.

A very successful long weekend!


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