Da Mao and Er Shun

Da Mao eating bamboo.

Da Mao eating bamboo.

I had quite the busy Saturday as I went with my brother to Moores to get his tuxedo rentals in order for his wedding in September. I get to be the best man in the wedding! I’m super excited about it, but also a little nervous for the fact I’ve never been in a wedding party before. First time for everything. Also, today happens to be his birthday! So Happy Birthday!

Anyways, I get a text from Emily during this time asking if I wanted to go to the zoo. Obviously yes! So, after my brother and I got everything ordered for his wedding, we had some lunch and then I picked up Mike from the train station and we heading to the Toronto Zoo!

Mike and I got there pretty late considering this trip was rather impromptu, but no matter! I didn’t have to pay for parking since we got in there after 4:30. We learned that as long as we got in line for the Panda exhibit by 6:00 we’d get to see them. So, Mike / I did a “power walk” through the rest of the zoo, which was fun. Still wish we had more time to actually stop and read about all the animals! Here’s some of the photos from the zoo!


We were in the middle of the African Savanna exhibit when 5:40ish rolled around and I was determined to not miss my chance to see the giant pandas so I looked like a man on a mission as I headed towards the final exhibit for the day. Though Mike/I did do a quick pit stop to look at penguins. Needless to say we meet it with time to spare to get into the line to see the pandas. This is also where we finally met up with Emily/Jenn/Tim so we all finally got to talk as we waited to look at Da Mao and Er Shun.

DSC_0089 As you waited in line for the exhibit they had a lot of informational posters and displays for you to learn about giant pandas including their habitat, the ecosystem they live in, and personality traits. Some things I learned were that panda’s cover their eyes to protect themselves when in danger and they stand on their hands to mark their territory.

DSC_0115After an hour and a half of waiting we finally got into the exhibit and there was Da Mao! I felt like such a little kid when I finally saw him because ever since I was a little I wanted to see a giant panda in person. In fact, I actually created a ‘life bucket list’ back in high school and seeing a panda was on it. So not only do I get to cross something off my Toronto Bucket List, but also my life one too! I know pandas really eat bamboo all day and then sleep, but I could watch them for hours. As I’m sure hundreds of other Canadians feel the same, which would explain why the line was so long! Regardless it was certainly worth the wait, and I would not be against going again to see them!

Proof I was actually there!

Proof I was actually there!


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