20130712_124648Time to cross another goal off the Bucket List! Today for lunch, my friend Emily and I participated in Toronto’s Summerlicious event. For anyone who doesn’t know what Summerlicious is it’s when 195 of Toronto’s top restaurants create three-course meals with fixed price points. It allows you to discover and celebrate Toronto’s culinary destinations.

First, Emily and I had to decide where we wanted to go. With 195 places that wasn’t an easy choice! Seeing we decided to go for lunch, that automatically crossed out the locations only serving dinner. Next, destination was key as we both had to walk to the restaurant from our different offices. Then we looked at menus, prices and came up with our choice. The Wine Bar! I was sold just by reading their desserts. Wish I could have tried all three!



The restaurant itself was small, but very classy. There were four main sections: a bar area, an area where you could watch the chefs cook, and two seating sections one at the front of the restaurant and one at the back. We got our menus and ordered some beers to drink.


Emily and I both decided we’d each order something different so that way we could taste 6 of the 9 dishes being offered.


For the first course I chose tomato gazpacho with croutons & cilantro, while Emily got the roasted red pepper & goat cheese dip with toasted ancient grain crostini & house made pickled vegetables. Both were quite delicious. I found the tomato gazpacho to be quite refreshing actually.

Main Course

For the main course I chose an almond chicken salad sandwich with toasted focaccia, sweet peppers, celery, shredded carrot & shoestring fries. Emily chose pulled pork sliders with shredded pork shoulder, slowly braised in mustard with red cabbage coleslaw. Both were extremely delicious, however I preferred Emily’s pork sliders. In a perfect world I would have the pork sliders combined with my shoestring fries. Yum!


The course I was most looking forward too! I went with a lemon poppy seed cake with a citrus glaze & chantilly cream, while Emily opted for the double chocolate brownie with cocoa whipped cream & raspberry puree. Emily’s brownie was very rich, while mine was much more light. Both were extremely good though (Mind you I’m a sucker for anything lemon or raspberry!).


It was a great experience and one that I would highly recommend to anyone in the or planning to visit Toronto area! The event runs from July 5th – 21st at participating restaurants. I’m hoping to squeeze enough visit to another restaurant before the month is over!


About Dave

I'm a 26 year old marketing enthusiast from Ontario, Canada. I graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce, and I'm currently a media buyer / planner for a marketing firm in downtown Toronto. Some of my interests include marketing, blogging, photography, travelling, coin collecting and reality TV. Also, I'm an avid Blue Jays fan. You'll find me catching a game whenever I can.
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