Throwback Thursday: Guelph O-Week

Amanda and I on the field of Alumni Stadium during the 2010 Pep Rally.

Amanda and I on the field of Alumni Stadium during the 2010 Pep Rally.

I’ve been working on building content for my WordPress site including adding specific examples of work, school and volunteer experiences, which gave me a huge wave of nostalgia to see all the things I’ve managed to accomplish and experience. Hands down my favourite memories however are from my volunteer experiences at the University of Guelph being an Orientation Volunteer (OV). Perhaps this would be a little more suitable to write this in September to coincide with the 2013 Orientation Week, but oh well!

Me participating in the annual World Record Challenge. The Largest Number of People Graffiti'ing at the Same Time.

Me participating in the 2009 World Record Challenge. Longest line of sidewalk graffiti.

There was not a year that went by as I attended university that I did not volunteer during that first week of September. To welcome incoming first year students to the campus and to help make them feel comfortable and transition into university life was simply awesome. I did everything from moving mini-fridges into residences, directing traffic on the streets of Guelph during move in day, working ‘security’ for Shiloh to helping run events, barbeques and other activities.
Jenn, Emily, Myself and Ralitza at Alumni Stadium during the 2011 Pep Rally

Jenn, Emily, Myself and Ralitza on the stands at Guelph Stadium during the 2011 Pep Rally

One year even became a Central Volunteer and helped with the logistics of resources (chairs, tables, bbqs, etc.) as a member of the Truck Team. Yeah, I got to be one of those super cool volunteers who got to drive around campus in a truck or golf cart. Even got to use the walkie talkies that only few people got access too (oooh fancy). Best part of all these activities was that I loved every minute of it.

The very best part of the Guelph’s Orientation Week is definitely the Pep Rally. This is the biggest event of the week and each residence hall (and off-campus students had a group too!) would be taught a boogie to perform at Alumni Stadium. All the OVs would learn an additional boogie to perform first for the first years. Always so much fun and always so exciting to see how a group of people can come together and make something special happen. One person can’t spell out Guelph on a football field… but hundreds can. To me it’s such a symbolic moment.

Pep Rally 2009 Guelph Photo Credit: Davey S.

You can check out all the Pep Rally videos as I have a few on my volunteer experience page, and there are so many more all over YouTube of the different halls. Mind you, I’d just check out East Hall’s only… but I may or may not be biased for living there my first year. I’ll leave one video below for you to watch here though!

Here’s one to look at now though: If you stop at 9:55 I’m the guy in the black shorts and hat!

Ahhh, how I miss my Guelph days!


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