Flooded Go Train. Photo Credit: Jamie H.

History was made last night in Toronto. The most amount of rain in the quickest time completely drenched the city annnnd I got to be right in the middle of it! Pearson International Airport reported 126 mm of rain throughout Monday but thankfully I got out of the city before things got bad. Also, thankfully I live east of Toronto and all the Go Train flooding happened on the west end. Yeah, even trains and buses were flooded. That’s how bad it got! There were power outages across the general Toronto area, again on the west side, with up to 300,000 citizens losing power. Simply crazy!

Esplanade near Berkeley Street. Street I walk to and from work on. Photo Credit: Emily M.

I was completely drenched the moment I stepped out the doors from work. I was dumb and forgot to pack an umbrella, but I believe that wouldn’t even have helped due to the wind. As I was walking (running) to the train station water was about to flow over the curbs, and as I moved across streets I was stepping in water that went up to towards my calves. I would have taken some photos of all of this, but I’m sure I would have completely destroyed my phone if I tried to even snap a photo or two. The water was raining that hard and that quickly. Someone did get a photo of the street though. It wasn’t that bad yet as I was getting home though.

Here’s the same spot the next morning though!

Esplanade near Berkeley Street. The next morning.

Esplanade near Berkeley Street. The next morning.

Mother nature has not been nice this year. With hurricanes and other floods , severe weather has been hitting the headlines often in 2013. Hopefully this is the last of it, but who knows. Mother nature has its own plans.

Edit – History really was made!

Environment Canada said some parts of the GTA had been drenched with more than 100 millimetres of rain, trouncing the previous one-day rainfall record of 29.2 mm in 2008 for Toronto and even beating the 74.4 mm monthly average for July.

The Canadian Press


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