Taste of Little Italy

College Street blocked off.

College Street blocked off.

My friend’s and I have yet to finalize our Bucket List for the summer, but I still ended up at a unique event this past weekend in Toronto. I didn’t even mean to stumble upon this, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. If my friend’s end up reading this, I apologise for attending without you guys. It wasn’t on purpose!

Taste Of Little Italy

Over the weekend I went to Taste of Little Italy on Saturday! I had to research this a little because I had zero clue it was going on this weekend. The event was from Friday June 14th to Sunday June 16th, and a portion of College Street was blocked off from all traffic. In typical me fashion I didn’t think to take any photos of the event except of walking on the blocked off streets. I’ll remember next event to take lots of photos!

The first thing you notice there is all the aromas filling the air. There was so many different vendors with traditional Italian foods that my mouth was certainly salivating almost instantly. I’m kicking myself for not having cash on hand to purchase anything! I highly doubt this dish was traditional, but the item that interested me the most was the macaroni and cheese meatballs! Wish I could have tried them.

Every block or so, there’d be a live band, or some form of entertainment act going on. I really enjoyed listening to some Italian singers. Obviously I had zero clue what the lyrics were, but I still enjoyed it. There was also lots of games, amusement park rides, and vendors that were selling goods!

I really want to check it out again next year, with hopefully more awareness of what I’m going myself into!

Note: Also, a very happy belated Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! I should have made a personalised post, but I ran out of time yesterday. My father is the absolute best, and I showed my love for him by BBQing steak yesterday! I figure you can’t beat that.


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