Card games!

Card games!

This past weekend I headed once again to Emily’s condo for the weekend. I sort of feel like I’m her official part-time roommate, as I’ve become quite acquainted with her couch that I sleep on.

Either way a group of us who used to go to University together all met up at Emily’s on Saturday night, and we played some card games. The most notable game is of course our favourite game of President. It just seems whenever you get a group of business graduates together things just get competitive! It’s always fun though. Admittedly, President is one of the few games out there where I like to trash talk people (other games include Mario Kart and Mario Party for the Wii). I’ve come to learn though that when I do trash talk, karma seems to always happen and I usually end up losing. You’d think I’d learn from this, but sometimes it’s too much fun!

Our Saturday dinner!

Our Saturday dinner!

We then hit up St. James Gate Irish Pub for some food and drinks, which Christina was very gracious enough to let us squish into her car so we didn’t have to cab there! The best part about going to the pub? We brought our playing cards with us. So, yes, we were the group of friends at the pub, playing cards. Practically we just moved our game there because we wanted to eat some dinner. We ended up ordering two types of wings, nachos, spinach dip and potato fries, which was all delicious. This is why I eat healthy throughout the week, so I can splurge on the weekends!

The band at the Dakota Tavern.

The band at the Dakota Tavern.

The next morning only Jenn, Emily and I remained and we decided to get some brunch in the Ossington neighbourhood. Emily talked about a really good all you can eat restaurant / bar called the Dakota Tavern . They advertise themselves as ‘Toronto’s premier nightspot for the best in live country and western, folk and bluegrass music’. Now we obviously went in the afternoon for brunch, which they are also open for, and we still got to listen to a live bluegrass band! This is obviously where the title of today blog post comes from because… I actually really liked the music! It was very catchy, and the atmosphere was perfect for it. I’m a little surprised because I didn’t think I’d like it, but this genre of music is something I really want to look into some more. It’s perfect to me for some sunny afternoon summer days!


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I'm a 26 year old marketing enthusiast from Ontario, Canada. I graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce, and I'm currently a media buyer / planner for a marketing firm in downtown Toronto. Some of my interests include marketing, blogging, photography, travelling, coin collecting and reality TV. Also, I'm an avid Blue Jays fan. You'll find me catching a game whenever I can.
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