Texas – One Week Later

We take ourselves seriously.

The whole gang! An obviously serious photo.

I’ve finally gotten around to sitting down and writing about my vacation to Galveston, Texas! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a whole week since I’ve returned. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday that I was looking off our deck into the Gulf of Mexico, sometimes it feels like it’s been months. Memories are a little funny like that.

Here’s what I got up to on my trip! Warning this is a long post, so I’ve broken it up by days.

Friday May 24th

Vehicles travelling to Canada at the border!

Vehicles travelling to Canada at the border!

I started my journey by making my way to Buffalo, New York to fly out of the airport there. I’ve flown out of BUF a number of times now, and every single time I’ve driven past this outlet mall. I think it’s this one, but I’m not 100% sure. Well I figured this time around I had an hour or so to kill before I needed to get to the airport so I finally decided to check it out. One thing you must know compared to the United States EVERYTHING seems to be more expensive. So going to an outlet mall and seeing already cheaper items being 50-75% off. Well I went a little crazy. I finally got some new work shoes from Banana Republic for like 60% off the Canadian price. Now I said earlier I had like an hour to kill, well, I took a little longer than an hour. So, I kind of was rushing to the airport. Well I wasn’t really thinking. Even though when I was crossing the border there literally seemed to be hundreds of cars trying to get into Canada. But lets see, it was a Friday afternoon right after work… on an American long weekend. Hello, traffic! Never fear though I made it to my gate right as they were boarding. Phew! Not going to do that again.

Party plane to Houston!

Party plane to Houston! Photo Credit: Bill

My connecting flight was in Chicago where it just so happened I was meeting up with my friends Evan, Bill, Robb and Gee! So, I got some dinner with Evan at the airport and we boarded what we deemed “the party plane”. As you can see from the picture I don’t think that flight attendant in the background was too impressed! However, the flight attendant who was serving us was hilarious. She called us the “party men”. Hah! For the duration of the flight we chatted a lot and played some games as we made our way to Houston.

When we landed in Houston we went to get our bags and met up with Jenna and Jordan who were flying in from Atlanta! We hugged, got our bags and headed outside to where Christine and Heather were both on their way to pick us all up. Heather ended up arriving first and Jenna / Jordan / Robb / I all piled in and off we went to Galveston! However, not before a stop at Whataburger! (Sidenote: One thing I’ll never understand is drink sizes in America. The regular there is like Canada’s extra large. I don’t need that much pop!)

Our beach house!

Our beach house!

It was back on the road after getting burgers and after some driving, a party bus sighting, lots of laughter, and getting confused by the GPS we made it to our beach house! All the architecture in Galveston was really interesting for me to see. I’ve never stayed at a house before that was standing on all pillars. It was cool! The house had two bedrooms on the main floor, and one large bedroom upstairs that slept like seven people in the room. There was a kitchen, laundry area, living room, and a huge deck! I absolutely loved it.

We were the second last group to arrive at the house. So we all hugged and greeted Erin, Stephen, Christine, Tom, Alicia, Chris R, Bryan, Neil, Fei and Dan! A little while later Chris P and Bryson showed up and the gang was all there! That night there was tons of games going on, lots of food and drink and a lot of fun!

Saturday May 25th

Jenna posing on the deck.

Jenna posing on the deck.

My Friday really never ended as I got about 20 minutes of sleep before Heather woke me up. We had agreed we’d stay up and watch the sunrise together. I’m glad she did wake me because we walked along the beach and just talked about life. It was really nice. Unfortunately for us, and everyone else, we happened to get locked out of the house when we finally returned. So we banged on the door until someone let us in. I’m not sure about her, but I didn’t get to sleep till much later in the morning as I talked to people as they woke up.

Fei and I "romantic" laughter.

Fei and I “romantic” laughter.

When I finally did wake up I enjoyed the afternoon either hanging out around the deck, tanning at the beach, swimming, or hanging out in the living room of the house. I also took a number of silly photos with people, which I personally think are the best photos to take! I always love a photo that either amuses you or makes you laugh.

We also added one more person to our group! Bill’s old roommate Caitlin actually moved to Texas, so she stopped by for a visit. I’ve hung out with her a number of times from my trips to Michigan so it was great to see her again!

I’m going to take the time now to mention all the food we got! For lunch we had sandwiches and cold cuts and for dinner Bill took on the position of official grill master of the trip as he BBQ’d burgers and hot dogs for dinner. All the food this trip was so good!

Bryan, Bill, Gee, Alicia, Caitlin and Myself the first six eliminated players.

Bryan, Bill, Gee, Alicia, Caitlin and Myself the first six eliminated players.

The main event Saturday night was a version of “Survivor” involving a few beverages. My team was deemed the “Grizzly Boars”, which was a joke from earlier on in the trip where Heather thought a clue to a game was bear not boar. Needless to say the Grizzly Boars got decimated. We lost six of our ten members in the first six rounds. Including myself! Boo. The game was still fun though, and us early losers had even more fun by playing card games in the living room.

Sunday May 26th



Things are going to start get repetitive here. Aka: on Sunday we either tanned at the beach, went swimming, hung out on the deck or inside in the living room. Some key notes about Sunday morning / afternoon though:

I helped out with breakfast! Got the sausages and eggs going while Stephen / Fei and later Bill worked on the pancakes. Fei even made some mancakes too! The waves that day were huge! It brought me back to being a little kid at the beaches in Ontario. Also, Stephen brought bocce ball so we played a few rounds of that. I was pretty good!

The gang!

The gang!

Since we were on the beach in Galveston we weren’t near anywhere that we could go out, so Evan solved this problem by renting us a party bus for Sunday night! Everyone got all dressed up, and we all took photos out on the deck together before the bus arrived. It sounds a little silly but it reminded me of prom a bit. Taking photos as you waited for the limo to arrive. It worked out well because some of my favourite pictures were taken at this point. Most importantly we got our group shot to prove we were all together! Though unfortunately Chris R had to leave earlier, and Caitlin took the photo.

We ended up going to two bars that night, which ironically both had something to do with pools. The first bar had pool tables, while the second bar legit had an actual pool you could go swimming in outside. I played some pool, did not go swimming though. Both places were a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the talk Jenna and I had alone outside the first bar when she wanted to get some fresh air.

Monday May 27th

At the beach! Photo credit: Fei

At the beach! Photo credit: Fei

Our last full day in Galveston we just decided to party it up! Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Chris P and Bryson, but we had a beach party going complete with music, watermelon and we had games going like bocce ball again. A big shout out to the dog that ran over and picked up the jack with his mouth and dropped it near Heather’s ball. Hilarious. We also had some games going up on the deck, and a highlight for me was when an ice cream truck came! Felt like such a little kid getting my Spiderman popsicle, but don’t really care. It was so hot though that it melted super quickly, and I ended up making a big mess everywhere (which actually really isn’t a surprise when it comes to me and food).

Endurance competition! Photo Credit: Neil

Endurance competition! Photo Credit: Neil

That night’s group activities were a game of LCR where Heather was our big winner of lots of dollar bills and we also played our own version of “Dog Eat Dog“. Everyone got split into partners and I got partnered with the lovely Erin! I believe our nickname was Darin haha. Unsurprisingly, we got voted into the first event, but we managed to win it! We ended up making it all the way to the F2, but we lost at the endurance challenge. Standing on one foot above your knee, with your hand above your head, other on your butt and eyes closed is hard!

I finished off the night having a late night talk with Bill walking along the beach, and then an even later late night swim with Bryan in the ocean.

Tuesday May 28th

The final morning at our beach house was really sad! Everyone was packing their bags all morning before our 11am checkout, and we all had to clean up the entire house. This led to the now well recognized hash tag among my friends #SorryKevin (inside joke). We ended up saying our goodbyes to everyone who wasn’t going to HOU and Alicia drove myself, Bill, Gee and Robb to the airport. First we needed to stop for lunch! We ended up going to Raising Cane’s . This place was so good! I wish they had it in Canada, and we had amazing service at the one we went to. The cashier and I talked for a little while about Canada seeing I was wearing my Toronto Blue Jay’s hat.

Apples to Apples at the airport!

Apples to Apples at the airport!

Now our fun did not end at the airport! The group of us remaining ended up playing some Apples to Apples on the floor of the airport. So you can tell that we have fun no matter where we are! Unfortunately for me my flight was the first flight to head out, so I said my goodbyes and got on my flight to Baltimore, which would connect me to Buffalo.

Now my journey home to Canada was absolutely brutal, but I’m not going to end this post on a negative note so I’m going to pretend it never happened!

The trip was so much fun, and I can’t wait to do it again with everyone soon!


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