Weekend Guelph Adventures

This past weekend I travelled west back to Guelph where I went to University, as Alex, one of my good friends and old roommates, was hosting a party. I had such a blast as I don’t get to see a lot of my friends from school anymore since we just don’t live near each other.

It makes me miss studying at the University of Guelph because the group of friends I made was so much fun. There was never a dull moment as someone was always around, and we always seemed to get into some kind of shenanigans. I miss being surrounded by people my own age and there always being something to do if you’re bored. This just further fuels my desire to get my own place, preferably in a large city like Toronto.

Anyways, Saturday was the big BBQ and party where we had hamburgers, sausages, chips, salads, the works! Almost all my old roommates were there, some friends I hadn’t seen for like a year, and even some new people to meet. It was a good crowd. We talked a lot, ate a lot and played some games. Also, made a lot of future plans that I hope become reality! I know there was talks of going to an NFL game in Buffalo. Only three of us (Amanda, Kevin, Myself) crashed at Alex’s place for the night, but it worked out well as I was easily able to claim a couch!

The Sunday morning we all agreed to go to Symposium! Or as Kevin and I were saying in the morning “SYMPOSSSSSIIIUUUUUMMMMMMMM!” It’s pretty much our restaurant of choice to dine at when we revisit Guelph as the atmosphere is great and they have all day breakfasts. As we waited for breakfast we reminisced over good times, and then chowed down.

Me "side kicking" on Amanda's nature hike.

Me “side kicking” on Amanda’s nature hike.

After breakfast Alex and Kevin went to go play golf and Amanda and I decided to go visit the Guelph Arboretum. We said our goodbyes to Alex and Kevin, and then headed over and drove through a bit of our old campus. We even passed by our old East Village Townhomes! Good times. Anyways, I’ve mentioned before that my friend Amanda has a blog, where she really focuses on nature, so I was happy to tag along on her journey of identifying birds and plants! I deemed myself Amanda’s ‘idiotic time blazer sidekick’ as I was not prepared what so ever for this adventure.

It rained off and on.

It rained off and on.

For starters I only had packed shorts and flip flops for this trip to Guelph. The trails were extremely muddy, and it was off and on raining all day. Needless to say walking was difficult. There were a number of times I almost got stuck in the mud, and a few times almost fell in the mud. Second, while Amanda was all covered up with clothing, I literally became mosquitoes best friend. I feel like I was bitten alive, and all the bites on my body prove it! Later on that day it really looked like I had a skin disease or something. Even right now as I’m sitting here typing I have the urge to scratch my legs. Fighting the temptation though.

20130602_134213_resized Regardless of the itching, I had a lot of fun hiking / exploring. Amanda really knows her stuff when it comes to plants, animals and nature in general, and I’m more than happy to learn all about it! I’m still amazed at how she can identify birds just by their calls, let alone by what they look like. I’m the type of person who’s lucky to be able to identify a robin, blue jay or cardinal if I see one (ok maybe not that bad!). On our adventure We came across a number of plants, flowers, birds, and frogs, and as I mentioned early lots, and lots of mosquitoes. We even saw a bird that would fly from car mirror to car mirror checking itself out, and a lot of turkey vultures were up in the sky that day. They must have smelt some recent kill or something.

20130602_132317_resizedThe thing I love about Guelph’s arboretum is all the different areas you can explore. You literally could spend the whole day there. From the Zen garden, to the marsh areas to the natural gardens there’s so much to do and it’s all just relaxing. I love just getting back to nature, and ignoring everything else that I going on in your life, and just to appreciate simple things. I find it’s also inspirational for things you can do at home. My favourite thing was learning about natural gardens. I’m a very lazy person, so to be able to make a garden that looks nice, but zero effort is needed to maintain is my cup of tea! Whenever I have my own place with a yard I really want to look into creating one.

I regret I didn’t bring my DSLR, but I had my cell phone to snap some pictures, and Amanda brought hers so I’m sure she’ll have some good photos in her blog to post (hint hint Amanda!). I’m going to leave this post off with all the other pictures I took on my phone!





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